The 10%-The Urgency Of The Abortion Act

This article originally appeared on the Patriotic Vanguard , a Sierra Leonean online news site, with headquarters in Vancouver. 1.7 million -this is the number of women who seek treatment or unsafe abortion complications in sub-Saharan Africa annually. 1360 per 100,000 live births-this is the maternal mortality ratio for women in Sierra Leone. For every 100,000 live births-1360 women…

Congo Market

Dried Pepper Dried Okra Dried beans Dried oysters     Funde Bulgur,     Tola irreverent spices that spit and burn Healing herbs that cast away evil eyes and   wandering spirits.       Save

Data Journalism in Sierra Leone

Last week , I was fortunate to be at the Data Literacy Bootcamp at Sensi Tech Hub in Freetown. This was the first ever data bootcamp held in Sierra Leone,thanks to IDT Labs, CodeforAfrica and Sensi Innovation Labs. Many journalists attended and sadly I could only be there for one day  ,but I’m happy I went….

“Aw for Do” and Freetown’s Urban Poor

It is no secret that most of these disasters and epidemics, are completely avoidable and can be controlled with efficient and effective programs. The slum communities of Kroo Bay, Moa Wharf, Dwozark ,and Susan’s Bay-to name a few, have been the assumed recipients of Government interventionist programs-and have still remained the same to date. These projects have either been under-funded

Orange Rain

    Fallen leaves, rotten fruit, earthworms, chicken feces, and charcoal residue mix with orange-red earth, the mud from our backyard is full of many little things. I remember huddling under patterned cloths, waiting for sweet petrichor , the smell after earth and sky have made peace, a smell that I still can’t really describe….

Ebola 4 Go!-Salone Music.

Sierra Leonean musicians-Jimmy B,Cee Jay,Wahid and Camouflage,teamed up to produce this song about Ebola sensitization and to also inspire hope to all Sierra Leoneans that we will win this battle.

Letter from the Apologetic African

I am so sorry Ma’am, so sorry Sir, for offending you. This wretched madness of ingratitude at your benevolence  is not typical of the 1.111 billion people I represent. Before we go any further, allow me to smooth out my accent for your convenience and roll my nonexistent rrrrrr properly. I really have to prractice…

What now? or What later?-to be more accurate

So,Senior year is almost here,and I’ve started going through some serious self questioning about life after Wooster,and what path I should take,because I am that one person who plans way ahead of …my life. Being in Brazil has exposed me to a lot of issues that tie into discrimination,abject poverty,and racism.Contrary to popular belief that…