Births and Deaths

There was  shock Then the first tears And after that, there was no time to grieve There were people all around, many people, everyone was talking at the same time, we were pulled here and there, called here and there…we had to answer questions, we had to explain what happened-over and over and over again,…

A 9:15am Rant about Drunkenness,Entitlement and My Safety.

“Ngozi! Ngozi come here! I want to talk to you!” I had passed by quietly, saying a polite “Good Evening”, my “good home training” had taught me as part of the culture, to respect  elders , especially one’s landlord and his friends. The landlord and some of his buddies were outside, enjoying cold club beer…

I’m Cool with the Shepherd,Not Sure About the Flock.

I tried again
“ shabablababala…yokosamadada…”
Hmm,it just didn’t sound right. When would I finally receive this anointing that I always heard about?One time, in my Grandma’s prayer group meeting, I simply just fell down dramatically,as the pastor placed two fingers on my belly to “remove unclean spirits”. I hadn’t felt any sudden ecstatic possession by the Holy Spirit,but I was scared. If I didn’t “fall under the anointing”, others might think I was demon-possessed…

Self Care is an act of Self-Preservation: Tips

Self Care is simply the art of taking good care of yourself. Sometimes we tend to over commit to work, activities, etc. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t mean being overly selfish, it just means that you are making sure that you are a priority-your body and your soul. I’m on a self care journey and…

For Harriet : On Rape, Silence and Power

I recently had the chance to post a story on one of the most popular blogs for women of African ancestry-For Harriet magazine. Please read my story here : For Harriet: On Rape, Silence and Power.

Wanderlust: 21 Places .

I love to travel – as long as I can hustle hard enough to afford it. With my whole life ahead of me,these are the places itching my wanderlust: 1 Itacare-Brazil: I’ve been there before ,but I want to go back. 2.Martinique: The picture explains why 3.Belize: Anywhere in Belize is fine 4. Bora Bora-French…

“Just Eat!” : For Skinny Girls

“Real women have curves”, and a model died from anorexia last week.

Was she faking her womanhood then? She didn’t really benefit from it either.She didn’t walk the runway. She was no Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr or Liya Kebede. Her catwalk was her unwilling trek to work every morning for $8.50 an hour on the slippery ice laden runway. No, she was not responsible for the media telling women that her body type was the epitome of the white capitalist construction of female beauty. She also wasn’t white . She was African, and was supposed to have a thick ass and bursting voluptuousness, according to constructions of “true African womanhood”.

Orange Rain

    Fallen leaves, rotten fruit, earthworms, chicken feces, and charcoal residue mix with orange-red earth, the mud from our backyard is full of many little things. I remember huddling under patterned cloths, waiting for sweet petrichor , the smell after earth and sky have made peace, a smell that I still can’t really describe….


Star Sapphires Grazing the sacred Cutting open the dead Healing  long formed decay Softening and molding the hardened earth Summoning sweet petrichor Drifting upwards Rain.


Open Sewers Earth after rain Olele Grilled Fish Fried Plantain The Forbidden Street Food Sweat Stale Sweat Tension Bustle Huslte Car exhaust fumes Misery Joy Hope Death Life Stray Dogs Freetown People.