Congo Market

Dried Pepper Dried Okra Dried beans Dried oysters     Funde Bulgur,     Tola irreverent spices that spit and burn Healing herbs that cast away evil eyes and   wandering spirits.       Save

Orange Rain

    Fallen leaves, rotten fruit, earthworms, chicken feces, and charcoal residue mix with orange-red earth, the mud from our backyard is full of many little things. I remember huddling under patterned cloths, waiting for sweet petrichor , the smell after earth and sky have made peace, a smell that I still can’t really describe….


Star Sapphires Grazing the sacred Cutting open the dead Healing  long formed decay Softening and molding the hardened earth Summoning sweet petrichor Drifting upwards Rain.


Open Sewers Earth after rain Olele Grilled Fish Fried Plantain The Forbidden Street Food Sweat Stale Sweat Tension Bustle Huslte Car exhaust fumes Misery Joy Hope Death Life Stray Dogs Freetown People.