6 Inspiring African Photographers You Should Know

I’ve been doing a bit of research on photography and visual arts on the continent and it is exciting to see how the range of amazing work by African artists. Each photographer featured here brings out the endless  abundance of beauty that we possess as Africans,in their work. Joana Choumali is an Ivorian  researcher , documentarian and photographer based in…

My ‘Fun’ Fiction on AFREADA

My passion and first love is storytelling,so it is an honor to have my short story published on Africa’s newest and trending online literary magazine. Please read it here A Thin Line of Madness by Ngozi Cole

Congo Market

Dried Pepper Dried Okra Dried beans Dried oysters     Funde Bulgur,     Tola irreverent spices that spit and burn Healing herbs that cast away evil eyes and   wandering spirits.       Save

Data Journalism in Sierra Leone

Last week , I was fortunate to be at the Data Literacy Bootcamp at Sensi Tech Hub in Freetown. This was the first ever data bootcamp held in Sierra Leone,thanks to IDT Labs, CodeforAfrica and Sensi Innovation Labs. Many journalists attended and sadly I could only be there for one day  ,but I’m happy I went….

Orange Rain

    Fallen leaves, rotten fruit, earthworms, chicken feces, and charcoal residue mix with orange-red earth, the mud from our backyard is full of many little things. I remember huddling under patterned cloths, waiting for sweet petrichor , the smell after earth and sky have made peace, a smell that I still can’t really describe….

Fashion Forward Friday

Fashion is not just about trends and style.A huge misconception about fashion is that it only has to do with materialism,dictating to everyone what they should and should not wear.Here are a few companies who are challenging the way we look at the fashion industry: The Little Market: Founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla,…

Letter from the Apologetic African

I am so sorry Ma’am, so sorry Sir, for offending you. This wretched madness of ingratitude at your benevolence  is not typical of the 1.111 billion people I represent. Before we go any further, allow me to smooth out my accent for your convenience and roll my nonexistent rrrrrr properly. I really have to prractice…

Youtube Afrocentricities…

I have been treating myself to some wonderful shows on Youtube-because seriously,who needs Netflix or Hulu Plus especially when you have to pay for them.For a college  brokie like me, Youtube is the answer to online boredom. Here are two of the shows I discovered : 1.Gidi Up: If you’ve watched “Shuga”,then this show is sort of similar.It…

A-Z of African Dances!!!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the  thousands of dances from the continent of Africa,but this video is guaranteed to make your day. I wish they had put which countries/regions these dances were from,but I also had fun guessing though.Who needs a work out when I have this video-Just dance!

Food Fun Friday-5 Food blogs to blow your mind (pot) away!

I am so happy that I’m cooking for myself now-it’s not just an act of self love but also a form of therapy.The smell of the different spices:ginger,coriander,cayenne pepper,bay leaves…the hiss of the oil when I’m frying my onions…the vividness of the rich red tomato sauce…the tumultuous rhapsody of  bubbling stew…I could go on and…