Poda-Poda Stories

So, I started a project I had been thinking about for a while now. I love literature, I love writing, I love stories and I love storytelling. However , I realised  that I’ve read very little Sierra Leonean literature. Most of what I know about Sierra Leonean literature has been limited to Kossoh Town Boy , the Dancing Plates and Spoons, and The Kamara family. Now I know there’s a lot more out there, and I wanted to find a way to curate and collect Sierra Leonean stories. I decided to start a digital platform called Poda-Poda Stories, a very apt name since some of the juiciest  stories I’ve heard were told in our most famous mode of transport-Poda-Podas.

I’m so happy I started it and it’s been a cool journey so far! I’ve gotten the chance to talk about the platform and get some support. Recently , I talked to Yasmin Metz-Johnson, owner of travel , design and lifestyle blog Yasmin Tells on her Youtube Channel. Checl out the interview, and Yasmin’s amazing channel as well!

Ngozi Cole (Poda-Poda Stories ) on Salone Scoop


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