Please stop.

Stop shaming single women

Stop shaming childless women (either by choice or circumstances)

Stop shaming women who enjoy being mothers

Stop shaming thick women (it’s absolutely mean)

Stop shaming skinny women ( All women, regardless of size , are real women, and shaming someone for being skinny is just as cruel as shaming someone else for being thick,body shaming is oppressive)

Stop shaming divorcees

Stop shaming single mothers

Stop shaming sex workers (yes, them as well)

Stop shaming women who want to build their career and enjoy climbing the ladder

Stop shaming stay at home mothers

Stop shaming women who enjoy sex

Stop shaming virgins

Stop shaming sexual assault victims

Stop shaming women you’ve had casual sex with ( shaming them implies having sex with you is a shameful act)

Stop shaming women who have opinions


Stop shaming ambitious women

Stop shaming  so called “cougars” (middle finger to societal patriarchal dating standards-date  whoever makes you happy, regardless of age difference )

Stop shaming women who put on make up

Stop shaming flat-chested women

Stop shaming big-busted women

Stop shaming women who enjoy being in relationships (leave J-Lo alone)

Stop shaming women who do not have your unrealistic and cruel ideas about “ideal” female body proportions

Stop shaming women who do not want to be in relationships

Stop shaming women who don’t like to put on makeup

Stop shaming women who choose to wear Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian weaves and  wigs

Stop shaming bald women ( not all women with short hair are lesbians, and if they are-so what?)

Again-stop shaming single women (single women are actual complete whole fully functioning human beings)

Stop shaming women who wear “revealing clothing”

Stop shaming women for having abortions

Stop shaming  women for being “old” (I mean really? What’s wrong with being a woman over age 35? )

Stop shaming women who are athletic

Stop shaming your ex-girlfriends/ex-wives

Stop shaming women who love cooking

Stop shaming dark-skinned women

Stop shaming women who either can’t or don’t want to cook

Women,we can do better, please stop shaming other women.

The code word for 2017 should be respect. Let’s do better in how we treat women,please.







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