6 Inspiring African Photographers You Should Know

I’ve been doing a bit of research on photography and visual arts on the continent and it is exciting to see how the range of amazing work by African artists. Each photographer featured here brings out the endless  abundance of beauty that we possess as Africans,in their work.

Joana Choumali is an Ivorian  researcher , documentarian and photographer based in Abidjan. Her work includes portraiture, and uses photography to highlight the diverse cultures she sees around her. Some of her notable project have included an examination of scarification, femininity and cultural notions of beauty. Check out her Instagram page,and some of her work below:

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Ngadi Smart is a Sierra Leonean visual artist based in Abidjan who specialises in photography and illustration. I love her clean approach to portraiture as well as her eye for vibrant colors.Her illustrations are dope and she makes what might be interpreted as bizarre, very regal through her photos. Check out her TumblrInstagram and some of her work below:

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Barbara Minishi is a Kenyan photographer and visual artist. Using photographer, she documents the lives of Kenyan women and uses multimedia platforms to tell their stories.One of her projects, The Red Dress, examines Kenyan identity and national unity and how women have carried the country through it’s toughest times. I really love how she followed her gut and threw herself into her calling,inspiring other women to take up a male dominated profession.

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Yagazie Emezi is a Nigerian photographer, illustrator and documentary artist whose approach to creativity and dedication to art I truly admire. She is also the founder of Bialere , an online platform that showcases the work of budding photographers.Check out her  Instagram and her most recent project here

Faten Gaddes is a Tunisian photographer who explores memory and political trauma in Tunisian society.Her photos give grace to the subjects that she examines and I am in love with her soft colors and editing.

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Nigerian   graphic artist Adeola Olagunju works with a range of  tools such as painting,video,and photography.Her work explores Lagos and what she sees around her daily. Her photos are arresting, as she plays with noir images as well as deep colors. In the video below, she talks about one of her projects Paths and Patterns

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