In Typical 2016 WTH-Glamour and the Bono Mess

Let’s just go there: We don’t need another straight white man in women’s spaces taking up the credit meant for women.

This year is rounding up to  the most confusing in the history ever, and awards seem to be keen on baffling us even further. After Bob Dylan’s interesting Nobel Literature win, Glamour magazine has taken up the mantle and given a Woman of the Year award-to a man, because I guess why not?

Glamour mentioned that due to Uncle Bono’s commitment to “helping the world’s poorest women” (sigh and side eye),he deserved to be Man/Woman/Man (whatever) of the Year,since I guess they could not find a deserving woman to be in his position. Really? Really though?Like, for real ,for real? Okay.

Here are some reasons this is a problem:

  1. I repeat. Straight Rich and Influential White men like Bono are not really in dire need of more awards for saving  “the world’s poorest”.
  2. Bono has taken up the space and place of a deserving woman who has fought hard or probably risked her life to advance the rights and equality of women. Glamour Magazine is a women’s platform in a world where women’s voices and spaces need to be heard and kept sacred.
  3.   It sort of buys into this idea that any man who proclaims himself to be for the advancement of women, should be granted undue gratitude, because he is an outstanding man, as though he is doing women a favor. Every human being should strive for gender equality. (Insert here Chimamanda’s We Should All Be Feminists “in the first place”). You can disagree to this, but I don’t think men deserve a round of applause for being-decent human beings.
  4. Glamour completely undermined the purpose of advancing women’s equality by ignoring Bono’s privilege.

Of course men are imperative to the success of gender equality. We do need men to listen, to champion feminism’s cause to their fellow men,to help defend the rights of women, and for the men who do such work tirelessly at the frontlines, they could be commended for it-but they should not expect a certain type of privilege  that comes with it-because of the privilege they already possess . And let’s not forget Bono’s problematic saviourist mentality. But that’s another essay for another year. The point here is that Glamour’s award was a misstep and Bono’s space snatching Woman/Man of the Year award could have been given to a…woman. In many places all over the world today, women lack visibility, face violent silencing and a lot of their work to help advance their communities go unacknowledged, just because of their gender, nationality,background and class. And for those reasons, Glamour magazine , a women’s platform,should still have maintained the culture of acknowledging the work of women and making women’s work more visible and our voices lifted.

Anyway , if you would like to read about the work of women who are fighting tirelessly in their communities to make life better for women, Global Fund for Women has a project called #DefendHer and you can look at these brave women’s rights defenders ,and not stress about…Bono. Please Click Below:

DefendHer-Standing Together for Justice

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