Not Just Aerobics & Pilates: Why Mental Strength Matters.

Often when we think of living a healthier lifestyle and keeping fit-we focus more on the physical aspects; bodybuilding, running, walking,keeping fit, eating the right foods,taking care of your skin etc. Little do we focus on mental fitness, mental health, and mental strength,which definitely manifest into the physical.

In this video, psychotherapist Amy Morin talks about how important it is to value mental strength, and the unhealthy mental habits that hold us back from personal growth and being our best selves. How often do we engage on pity parties, how often do we compare our lives to other people, and how often do we give away our power to other people?



“Unhealthy beliefs about others come about because we compare ourselves to other people. We think they are either above us or below us, or that they can control how we feel or that we can control how they behave, but really,it’s our own choices”-Amy Morin.


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