“The Art of Being Yourself”-Caroline Mchugh

How often do you suffer from what Caroline Mchugh calls “approval addiction”? Apparently women are more likely to carry this more than men, seeking the validation of others, and loving someone else’s opinion more than your own. As women, we tend to agree to other people’s perception of who we are, rather than examining our “I”. In this video, Mchugh renders a powerful message, that you should strive to be the woman of your dreams and the only way to do that is to tap into your “I”, the only version of yourself that is extricable from other the perception of other people. She says “let your life be your message,”.

Seek your “I” first in order to agree with your “why”. Your  I and your why have to be unique, and you have to make it relevant to the life you are living today, “it’s not like you have a spare”.


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