Learning to Love Beyonce

I was one of those girls who just wasn’t sure about Beyonce.

I listened to some of her music and I admired her style…but I wasn’t really a fan.

I think watching Lemonade was when I received my salvation from Beysus and became a Beyhive convert.


And aptly as a new convert, I have been watching her videos and following just how bold,fearless and very vulnerable Beyonce is.


And now, I believe that Beyonce is a mentality and a lifestyle.


I admire her hard work, her hustle and her control over her music, her private life and her image. These days,when I want to be inspired, I watch Beyonce videos. Below is one of the inspirational messages I stumbled across recently:


Something I took away from her sermon was :

“It was very risky for me to step out on my own.Being a young woman I want to set the example that it is possible for us to own our own businesses and own our own record labels and sometimes we don’t reach for the stars.Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we have to be satisfied with and I’m just not going for it”

Queen Bey has it down perfectly-doing what she loves,inspiring young women and making millions too!

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