I am not trying to be anything


a shedding

shed robes of fear,self-pity,self doubt

This thing I know I could be

and how I am caught in this trap that fangs and claws have grasped and mangled




Life is short

pain is inevitable

death is certain

But the journey is mine

and if I don’t find this freedom,

I’ll be a walking corpse

“making an impact” “being a changemaker”

and my fingers would wither and my heart would turn cold stone cold

and all that tangerine and marigold passion would be mere ash

and my face would be a petrifying mask of fibreglass cast of other people’s expectations,and whenever I catch myself in a reflection I would avert my eyes from shame…




Breaking free is no longer an option.

If I have to live, I must learn how to breathe

On my own




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