Neurology and Nuances

Yesterday  anniversary of the death of famous Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks (August 30). I also found out that he was a fellow Cancerian (Born on July 9th).Dr.Sacks was a talented physician and a beautiful writer, with a mind that could reach the depths of the human spirit. I’ve never read his books,but one of my favorite blogs brainpickings  has a wealth of quotations and excerpts of his inspirational writings that I’ve read  .

Here, I’ve collected four quotes of Oliver Sack’s quotes on  writing .

1.“If we wish to know about a man, we ask ‘what is his story–his real, inmost story?’–for each of us is a biography, a story. Each of us is a singular narrative, which is constructed, continually, unconsciously, by, through, and in us–through our perceptions, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions; and, not least, our discourse, our spoken narrations.”

2.“To be ourselves we must have ourselves – possess, if need be re-possess, our life-stories. We must ‘recollect’ ourselves, recollect the inner drama, the narrative, of ourselves. A man needs such a narrative, a continuous inner narrative, to maintain his identity, his self.”

3.“The act of writing is an integral part of my mental life; ideas emerge, are shaped, in the act of writing… a special, indispensable form of talking to myself.”

4.”The act of writing, when it goes well, gives me a pleasure, a joy, unlike any other. It takes me to another place — irrespective of my subject — where I am totally absorbed and oblivious to distracting thoughts, worries, preoccupations, or indeed the passage of time.”


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  1. debby000 says:

    I love this. I’m saving everything. Thanks for sharing


    1. ngozicole says:

      I’m happy you love it-thanks for stopping by!


  2. ngozicole says:

    you’re welcome!
    glad you came by


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