Sex, sermons and submission: Why I left the church

I sit through some of these sermons rigidly. Sometimes I’m amused. I’m beyond being hurt or offended . After the service I am asked “How was the preaching?” I answer “Good”. I’m not about to be a victim of endless lectures and uninvited prayers on the destination of my soul if  I dare challenge the “word of God”. I’ve learned a process called sifting-take what you think God actually says and let the pastor believe and say what he will. This piece I reblogged from Ghanaian journalist Nana Ama Agyemang-Asante’s blog. She says it all.

I quit the church for many, many reasons, one of them being the surge in the Prosperity Gospel movement – that movement that encourages people to look for Range Rovers and other material things in the air. The movement that makes many shout their prayers and – sadly – treat the poor with a contempt that really was not what Jesus was about.

Another reason I left was the blatant sexism. Women did all the work – emotional and physical labor – organizing meetings, cleaning, providing food and support; then men showed up to preach and lay hands as if only they had a direct line to God and the Angels.

I got tired of the sexist, misogynistic and harmful messages about women (and sometimes men), about poverty, and society. I could not bear to endure pastors saying illogical things like the “woman is the neck of the man, who…

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