The Longevity of Love

As a little girl, I read stories about Rapunzel,Sleeping Beauty,and The Princess And The Pea,and started to fantasize about the beautiful world of “Happily Ever Afters”.

We read fairy tales as girls,  and are conditioned to think that there are handsome  prince charmings and gallant valiant knights hanging around the corner ,waiting for us to get to a certain ripe age, so they can whip us up into their strong arms, as we swoon with joy,and are carried off in the sunset, to the beautiful land of  No Wahala Forever.

We place so much emphasis on forevers and forget that there can still be beauty,truthfulness,and intense genuine love,in a situation that didn’t last . We end up being gatherers of hurt and pain when we see short term relationships as personal failures,because we think the emotions in those situations,were meaningless.

Which is why I embarked on an evangelical journey to spread the gospel of this video I came across today.

The video is from The School of Life and emphasizes that we should not dismiss short term relationships as failures.It’s a little bit unconventional ,but it does offer insights on true love, everlasting love and why true love does not necessarily have to be everlasting.


If you prefer to read it,its’ here also: Why True Love Doesn’t Have To Last Forever.

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