Communion Wine



Outside the church

This Sunday, I attended a memorial service for a relative in a little town along the Freetown peninsular called Benguema. The drive took about 45 minutes from Malama to the church, when five years ago, it would have taken about three hours. A close relative kept praising the President of Sierra Leone for ‘giving us the road”, an unfortunate panegyric,given that we are now reduced to offering praises  for the basic amenities that our leaders are obligated to provide in the first place. Nevertheless, the construction of the peninsular road does make life easier and a lot more efficient.

The church was one of the old Krio churches-St. Matthews Parish,and even though it was dilapidated and nondescript, it still carried an air of eerie elegance and  quiet dignity in the architecture,characteristic of many other small krio village churches. These small churches served as both places of worship and social gatherings for early krio settlers, and many strong and tightly knit communities were formed around the vestiges of church life.

Oh and I named the title of this  post “communion wine” because during holy Communion,the wine that was meant to represent the “blood of Christ” tasted so good! Pity I could only take a sip of it.

Outside the St. Matthew’s Parish

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