Any Woman.

” I am not afraid anymore”.

That was the first line she wrote in her journal that night. Insomnia kept her up till the pink-orange tint of dawn .She read the line over and over- again,and each time,she was less convinced than before.Each sob racked her frail frame and  each hiccup brought fresh wrenching  pain and sent her reeling far back into the depths of the dingy dungeon she had been locked in for so……..long.

She knows it will be true some day.When her knees will no longer tremble at the memory,and her muscles will no longer stiffen taut at the triggers,and her lips will no longer purse at the sound of jeering taunts ,and her eyes will no longer lower at the nervous glances laced with abrasive revulsion ,she knows it will be true someday.

She will no longer be afraid.

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