Fashion Forward Friday

Fashion is not just about trends and style.A huge misconception about fashion is that it only has to do with materialism,dictating to everyone what they should and should not wear.Here are a few companies who are challenging the way we look at the fashion industry:

The Little Market: Founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, this company pools the craft of Artisans mainly from developing economies and tries to give them a larger platform for business opportunities.

Kemris Collection: There is a powerful story behind this fashion line,created by Nkemakonam Linda Guyse.A huge part of Kemris Collection’s goal is giving back to local NGOs in  Sierra Leone and Nigeria to fight against child abuse and support victims.

Della La: “We are not a charity; we are a business done “-This statement by Della LA summarizes the work that they do.By partnering with local entrepreneurs from Hohoe,Ghana,Della LA creates employment and economic empowerment.

Krochet Kids: This is an organization whose work I did quite a bit of research on( at first I thought it was similar to the “Toms mentality” and was apprehensive ),but I’ve come to respect their work-attributing  dignity ,creating partnerships,and empowering communities in Uganda and Peru through the power of entrepreneurship.

MODAHNIK: Founded by Kahindo Mateene in 2009,this company partnered with an NGO, MamAfrica to create the Clutch Handbag Initiative. The  handbags are made in the DRC by Congolese women,giving them an opportunity to rebuild their  lives.

KEZA: “When we think of the developing world, it’s natural to envision poor, sick and desperate people. But the people of these nations deserve the right to tell their own story and create their own future.” Keza was founded by Ilea Angaza and Jared Angaza and their designers have different empowering stories.


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