To Live

tumbler 1

Sometimes you wake up

Your heart a heavy weight

Settling on your emotions

Burning the tumultuous


The absolute desire to live.

The spirit encased

In a mahogany coffin

Subdued into a state

Of uttermost embalmment

A stifling,bitter cold

Tossing the deep dark tresses of your soul

           this way-and that …

 Your limbs of water stiffen

The blood freezes

And your ebony flesh glazes over

Muscles of insurmountable

          -broken strength.

Your mind goes back…

Years and Years of

Silent Conversations,

Mumbling screams

Mirthless laughter and Oh

Oh    Oh…Oh

Constant,beautiful,empty smiles

-that do reach your eyes,but that one cord that connects the window

to the heart

                   is broken.

Sometimes,you wake up

And you realize

All you have left,is to live.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I absolutely love this. You really dictate the proper meaning of what it means to live. Marvelous. Inspiring for my own literary blog!


  2. sepiadahlia says:

    Thank you so much! I’m happy you like it!


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