Seasons of The Heart


You call it winter?

I call it Harmattan[1].

You call it Snow,

I say its dust

Your trees are dead

My leaves are yellow


We both feel the chill.

You call it Spring now

I believe it’s the tilikando[2]

A new beginning for you

A new heat for me

The opening of a shy bud,

The fall of the first mango

We both seek a fresh start.

You call it summer

But it’s pouring here

And now is when you feel the scorching penetration

Skin deep,

But now, is when I feel Heaven’s water

On my head, my limbs, seeping  into my soul

But our hearts still find themselves

Falling in love again

After the winter, the spring, the summer,

After the chilling cold, the heat, and the rain.

[1] Harmattan is a dry West African Trade wind, which blows around the same time that winter starts in the US. It is usually characterized by strong winds, dust, and a chilly weather.

[2] Tilikando is the Mandingo word for dry season. Mandingo is a language widely spoken in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Mali and Senegal.

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