A Beautiful Spirit

Today I want to dedicate this post to the woman who has been with me through my ups and downs,through my laughter and my tears,and who has never stopped believing in me.The woman who told me at one of my lowest points, that she was still “proud” of me ,and that was all I needed to be lifted.  November 6th is my mother’s birthday. For the past five years,I’ve only been with her once to celebrate it, such is life.Wherever I am ,I always thank God that she is alive and healthy,and most of all,that she is my mother.I am so lucky,and grateful to God, that a Beautiful Spirit,is a mother to me.

Today ,when I called her  , she told me about  how the children in her school made birthday cards for her and wrote her messages and prayers and how that really moved her.I don’t think she thought about how she has motivated and positively influenced them,hence the messages and prayers.And that is just the   person she is-always giving and never expecting anything back-so when she does get some sort of reward, she is so appreciative and grateful.That is a reflection of a beautiful spirit; always giving (often to her own fault), unselfish and appreciative. For my sister and me,our mother has been a strong pillar of support,and this has nothing to do with her being strong,it has everything to do with her sacrifices for us and her immense love.My mother doesn’t always tell us,”I love you”, instead she often says “God Bless una”,(una means plural of  “you” in Krio )and I prefer that.She doesn’t need to constantly bombard us with confessions of love,she has and still continues to  show us more than enough of that. A blessing from my mother is more valuable than a profession of love.A beautiful spirit prays for and blesses you,and then shows you love-that is my mother.

One of my greatest prayers is that I hope she realizes how much her family loves and appreciates her and how we wish we could show it to her more.My other prayer, is that I come close to being what she is to my sister and me,when I become a mother.

Today,I celebrate her,her life,her love for us,her energy, her integrity, her charity,her beautiful spirit.Today is her special day,but that doesn’t mean it is the only day that I should celebrate her life.I wear the  earrings she gave me very often,I talk about her ALL the time,and I work hard to make her proud. Let us celebrate our mothers,be they alive or have passed on.The sacrifices that most mothers make,are unfathomable,the love they show to us,are boundless. Mothers are Beautiful Spirits.

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  1. Yeniva says:

    Absolutely beautiful! congrats on the blog I love it- Yeniva


    1. ngozilogic says:

      Thank you so much for the support Ms Yeniva!


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