Fashion Friday-Seven Inspirational Fashion Blogs

Today I woke up feeling very blue.I don’t know why,I must have had a bad dream or something. So I decided to do something that always puts me in a good mood-browsing fashion blogs! If you are feeling blue today as well,or just want  a good dose of fashion inspiration ,I present to you the blogs that will hopefully brighten up your day and inspire your taste.

1.My Afro Fashion: This website is really about the Afropolitan fashionista experience and Jamila Kyari ( based in Canada) writes about fashion,food and beauty.I love this website!

2.Ciaafrique: This website is dedicated to showcasing the work of African Fashion designers who are making a mark on the global fashion platform.

3.Heritage1960: This website is both a fusion of  style inspiration and an online shop.The Founder and Creative director asserts that ”  “It’s time we move beyond the cliché’s and begin to acknowledge that fashion coming from the continent is as rich, varied and sophisticated as anything you’d find in the US, Europe or Asia.”

4.AfricaFashionGuide: This website lives up to its name-providing news about rising Fashion designers and focuses on promoting the African Fashion and textile industry.

5.the4acesdate: Run by four friends based in Lagos and New York,this website offers advice, from fashion to food.Really sophisticated and fun, this website in particular helped me beat the blues today!

6.mariankihogo: This website is edited by Marian Kihogo,and is Ghana-born but UK-based.As a celebrity stylist,she brings together fashion ideas from all over the world.

7.becauseiamfabulous: Created by Sierra Leonean fashion enthusiast,this is a great website to know about the latest fashion trends and to get fashion inspiration by Sai herself.Hotness Alert-Sai is really hot and her sense of style is sophisticated and very classy.


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