Fashion Friday: Hawa’s Boutique

Hawa’s Boutique- a wonderful find!

I am really very thrifty when it comes to spending money.I started keeping a wooden cash box at the age of 11,keeping whatever money I could save from my lunch allowance and money gifts from my Grandmother and other relatives. Stepping into adolescence,I identified one thing that would be my current weakness and potential financial undoing-JEWELRY! I am not ashamed to call myself a Jewelry addict! I shall say it loud and proud! And I don’t mean the regular gold and silver studs and bracelets.No,Huge,chunky ethnic earrings,necklaces,and bracelets.I’m really mean when it comes to buying shoes,or even dresses.Take me to a store and just drop me off around the Jewelry section,and you’ve made my whole life! A close friend of mine ,with good taste,sent me this link of a Sierra Leonean who lives in the United States,Hawa Barrie. I love him so much for helping me discover  her online shop on Etsy. Hawa uses traditional fabric to create beautiful jewelry and accessories,and I love the fact that home girl models her own line.Check it out!

Happy Fashion Friday everyone! And remember “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”— Yves Saint-Laurent

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