Fashion Friday: The Afropolitan Shop

Fashion Friday: The Afropolitan Shop

This website is a haven for fashionistas who are far from home and are craving Jewelry and accessories straight from the continent. They specialize in handmade accessories from different countries in Africa,and their ideology is “Trade,not Aid”.

I have fallen in love with this website because it showcases that Africans as a whole, DO have agency and control over their own poverty reduction.It showcases the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset of ordinary Artisans and Designers from countries like Rwanda,Kenya, and South Africa,just to name a few. You can get slippers,ipad and laptop cases,purses,bracelets and gorgeous earrings for very reasonable prices,and they ship worldwide too!

If you happen to know me well,you know that I am obsessed with earrings.I don’t feel fully dressed up till I have something cute to adorn my ears,so a broke college fashionista is definitely going to put some money aside from her paycheck and get these :

Happy Fashion Friday Everyone!

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